Ifu Ennada
Ifu Ennada

Days After Claiming She Makes N5M Daily, Ifu Ennada Joins League Of Online Beggars

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ifu Ennada, is in the news again only days after claiming to make five million naira daily. Now she has set tongues wagging with her desperate online begging. Get the full gist here!

Pearl Emmanuel

Big Brother Naija star, Ifu Ennada, seems to derive pleasure from attention. She doesn't care if the attention is positive or negative, all she strives after is to always be in the news.

Shortly after shocking everybody at the just concluded Big Brother Naija Double Wahala reunion with claims of making 5 million naira daily from sales of her hair products, the former BBN housemate has taken to begging.

Soso Soberekon, popularly known as White Lion, is a businessman often associated with the Nigerian artist, Davido. He posted about his team winning because he had earlier placed a bet with some friends and tagged online comedian, Mr Jollof.

Soso Soberekon aka White Lion
Soso Soberekon aka White Lion

Ifu Ennada immediately took to Soso Soberekon's page to beg by sharing her account details and soliciting for funds. Shortly after, the business mogul credited her account with half a million naira. Ifu Ennada was shocked, overjoyed and elated and took to Instagram to appreciate her benefactor. This earned her insults and comments of woe from her fans. She was forced to take down the post.

She decided to address the issue by admitting that it's not the first time the business mogul is giving her such a huge amount of money to support her business. She further refuted accusations that she has a romantic relationship with Mr Soso.

Insisting that 500,000 naira wasn't such a big amount to her, she stated that she didn’t understand why many were shouting and abusing her. She further said that if young people do not have friends who could afford to give them half a million naira they need to change their circle.

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