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Ayo Animashaun
Ayo Animashaun

Hip TV Boss, Ayo Animashaun, Set To Sue Heritage Bank For Fraud

After two years of fruitless attempts to settle issues amicably with Heritage Bank, the owner of Hip TV, Ayo Animashaun, has decided to take legal action against the bank to protect his name and business. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular Hip TV boss, Ayo Animashaun, is one to maintain a low profile. But he recently announced that he will be going ahead to sue Heritage Bank for defrauding him of his hard earned money.

Everyone who operates one Nigerian bank or another understands that there are times when some money goes missing from your account that can be classified under "charges". Mr. Ayo is insisting, however, that Heritage Bank defrauded him of a huge sum of money.

When he demanded for it, they decided to turn the case against him. According to him, he has been silently battling this case and has tirelessly tried to resolve issues with the bank to have his money back but all to no avail. Now he has taken the case to court and asked his lawyers to file a law suit against Heritage Bank. He also promised to keep the public updated as the case unfolds because the bank is apparently trying to tarnish his image.

Read what he wrote below.

So I wanted you to hear it directly from me: I have just instructed my lawyers, Kemi Pinheiro LP, to file a suit at the federal high court in Lagos, against Heritage Bank. I have spent over two years doing all I can to resolve this as quietly as possible. But I am now left with no choice but to use every available legal means to protect my reputation, secure my business, and get the redress and compensation I deserve. Heritage bank has consistently lied to us, defrauded us, and they’re now attempting to twist the facts to make us look like the bad guys. I have spent the past 25 years of my life building a name and business; and we have been nothing but responsible corporate citizens. I know many entrepreneurs complain about Nigerian banks and how they do nothing but try to kill us. But this particular bank picked the wrong candidate. I will not rest until I get justice and I just want to thank everyone who’s called me; and plead that you please understand that I may not be able to comment about the matter after this post, as the matter will now be in court. I will provide further update as soon as I am allowed to.