Mofe Duncan and Jessica Kakkad
Mofe Duncan and Jessica Kakkad

Mofe Duncan And Jessica Kakkad Are No Longer Married

Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan, and wife, Jessica Kakkad, are no longer together. It is alleged that there was cheating and betrayal on both sides before they finally decided to call the marriage quits. 

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Tall handsome actor, Mofe Duncan, surprised many when he got married to the love of his life, Jessica, in 2015. The two didn't date for long, as they claimed to be head over heels in love with each other.

A year into their marriage, however, incriminating chats of Mofe and a woman called, Zainab, leaked. But rather than destroying their marriage, the chats seemed to strengthen the bond between the two. Jessica took to her Instagram page to shower praises on her husband on his birthday that same year.

It became a tradition to publicly celebrate each other on special days, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. But neither of them posted anything about their marriage on social media this year.

The last time the actor mentioned his wife was on February 9th, 2018, which was her birthday. He didn't wish her a happy birthday this year, and on Valentine's day, he merely posted a picture of himself on set with the caption, "Work is bae".

While Mofe started dropping hints that his marriage had crashed a long time ago, Jessica only recently confirmed it. She changed her Instagram name from 'Jessmduncan' to 'Misskakkad', which suggests she is back to being single.

In a recent question and answer session, which she has since deleted, she admitted that she is no longer married. When asked if she'll marry again, she replied in the negative, but quickly added that she would not say never.

It is rumoured that Jessica cheated on her estranged husband. But according to Jessica's new post, it seems Mofe cheated first, but after forgiving him, she went on to retaliate.

It is possible that one of their biggest problems during their marriage was communication, because Jessica has advised her fans to communicate more in marriage.

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