Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson Appreciates Nigerian Comedienne Who Supported Her

Yvonne Nelson has shown her appreciation to Nigerian comedienne, The Real Warri Pikin, after she sprung to her defence when a troll came for the actress. 

Pearl Emmanuel

A few days ago, an online troll attacked Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson, for repeating her Hermes slippers. She even counted the number of pictures the actress has taken with the slippers with the purpose of shaming of her.

Responding, the actress told the online troll that she lives in the real world and she is allowed to wear her slippers as many times as possible because she paid for it with her money.

Nigerian online comedienne, popularly known as "The Real Warri Pikin", took to her Instagram to support Yvonne for her apt reply. She then went ahead to advise people to stop living fake lives and to also mind their business.

Happy to have someone show their support for her, Yvonne thanked the Nigerian comedienne for her kind gesture.

Lil advice to every young person who looks up to me.....PLS DON’T LET SOCIAL MEDIA FOOL YOU!!!! Most of the flyyyy life you see celebs putting out there isn’t real....peeps got to keep up! Yea its kind of part of the job but it’s too much work for me. I’m being myself here, (for those living on Jupiter). I’m sorry, down here on earth where I live, I can wear my Hermes slippers a million times! I can even swim and bathe with it!!! It’s mine! I can even go to bed with it!! It’s mine! I’m not pressured to please anyone! I’m living my life steadily ... at my own pace ... if i don’t post your definition of flyyyy, that’s ok ... after all, where I sleep at night is the flyest! And it’s all mine, not RENTED! Thanks.
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