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Ubi Franklin and Siyola
Ubi Franklin and Siyola

Businessman, Ubi Franklin, Impregnates South African Staff

Looks like Ubi Franklin is about to take over from Tubaba as the father of many children from different women. The businessman recently announced that he is expecting another child from his third baby mama. Get the full gist here! 

Pearl Emmanuel

Ubi Franklin, owner of Instant Group of Companies, announced that his two children, Jayden (boy) and Zaneta (girl), would soon have a brother.

Social media went agog, with many speculating that Tboss was the mother of the third child. Ubi refused to disclose the mother but we have the full gist.

Businessman, Ubi Franklin, Impregnates South African Staff

The third baby mama is a South African lady, called Nicola Siyola. Before relocating to Nigeria to work for Ubi Franklin, Siyola worked for the Mercedes-Benz division of South Africa.

She started working with Ubi Franklin in 2016, and from 2017, there were speculations that they were getting romantically involved. The two were together most of the time and even started attending church together.

Businessman, Ubi Franklin, Impregnates South African Staff

The affair continued for a while until Siyola discovered she was pregnant. The expectant mother was said to have confronted Ubi Franklin with the news but he wanted her to have an abortion.

An abortion, however, was something Siyola wasn’t interested in, because of her strong religious beliefs and affiliation with the Catholic Church, which preaches against abortion.

Businessman, Ubi Franklin, Impregnates South African Staff

It is alleged that Ubi had to acknowledge the child when he realised that Siyola was serious about keeping it. Although he had wanted her to have a quiet baby shower, her friends had organized a huge, fanciful one.

The businessman decided to make the announcement on social media when it dawned on him that he was fighting a lost battle.

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