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5 Dangerous Places To Keep Your Phone

Keeping your phone in certain places could be damaging to your health and safety. Read to know why!

Titilayo Ilori

Most men keep their phones in their pockets, ignoring its side effect on their health. When you put your cell phone in your pocket, the radiation is seven times higher than when it is in a bag or purse.

Cell phone radiation encourages the growth of tumour. It also has a way of tampering with someone's DNA and can cause male infertility.  Places where you shouldn’t keep your phones include:

1. Close to your face

Because most people are used to taking their phones with them to the restroom, bacteria from the restroom will likely settle on your phone. Placing your phone close to your face will result in the transference of the bacteria from your phone to your face. This can cause wrinkles, skin irritation, and acne. Use an earpiece in order to keep the phone far from your face.

2. In your bra

This is for women. Your bra is not a phone rack. Don't put your phone in your bra. It can lead to breast cancer due to the phone vibration and cell phone radiation.

3. On your pillow

It is not advisable to put your phone on or under your pillow or on the bed. Heat could build up and it is likely to result in an explosion.

4. On your bed while it is charging

It is wrong to put the phone on your bed while charging. This can cause an explosion. It is best to put the phone on the floor in order to avoid any form of hazard.

5.  On your bed when it is overcharged

There are times we overcharge our phone, and when you finally unplug it, it becomes hot. It is best to leave the phone to cool off before putting it on your bed or under your pillow.