Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh

Popular Hair Vendor Angry With Tonto Dikeh Over Partnership With Another Brand

A popular Lagos hair vendor has told friends to pick sides, to pledge their loyalty to either her or Tonto Dikeh. 

Pearl Emmanuel

A popular Lagos hair vendor, who calls herself the hair boss and claims to be friends with top celebrities in Nollywood, is peddling rumours about actress, Tonto Dikeh.

The two have never been close friends but can be described as acquaintances. Tonto has never openly flaunted her hair as much as others.

This self-proclaimed hair boss, who was dragged on social media for selling fake hair to many people some time ago, made one of the former Big Brother Housemates her brand ambassador. The two collaborated on curly hairstyles, since that was the look mostly worn by this particular controversial Big Brother housemate.

Shortly after, Tonto partnered with another hair boss, who many say is far richer and sells more authentic hair than this other hair vendor. The hair vendor and Tonto launched about three types of hair for Tonto's collection and it is rumoured that they recorded more millions in sales than the so-called hair boss.

The hair boss is currently upset with Tonto for not approaching her to partner with her instead since they have common friends. But her pride won't let her approach Tonto Dikeh. She has been going about telling people to choose between being loyal to her or being loyal to actress, Tonto Dikeh.

This hair seller is probably fighting a lost battle, because Tonto Dikeh gives generously to those around her whereas this self-proclaimed hair boss is tight fisted. The only thing she may have to offer most of her loyalists is gossip about her other celebrity friends and nothing more.

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