Pretty Mike
Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike Storms Popular TV Presenter’s Wedding With Sacrifice

Pearl Emmanuel


Everyone knows that Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike, is a confirmed attention seeker who cares about the world’s opinion of him.

He repeatedly comes up with weird concepts, and many fear that he might be into diabolic things but are too scared to confirm it. His presence in a place makes many shudder with unexplainable fear and discomfort.

He attended one of the most trending weddings this weekend in an outrageous manner, and social media went agog.

Popular EbonyLife TV presenter and actress, Tomike Alayande, got married on Saturday the 13th of April, 2019, to her long time boyfriend, Mr. Adeoye. The wedding was graced by many celebrities and influencers in the industry.

Pretty Mike showed up with four midgets and a calabash of strange local things burning inside to the wedding. He was allowed into the wedding and was seen spraying the couple with heavy notes of 200 naira bills.

Many people didn’t find anything artistic or creative about his open display of voodoo but saw it as an attempt to openly conduct a ritual sacrifice in public without being arrested.

Many have wondered why such a sweet and down to earth presenter would allow an “unholy” display in her wedding. Some have even said if they were in her shoes, they would have walked him out of the reception.

What do you think about Pretty Mike’s calabash display at the wedding? Artistic or open ritual sacrifice?

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