5 Ways To Earn Your Mother-In-Law’s Trust

Because we know that earning your mother-in-law’s trust is not a walk in the park, we serve you a list of ways you can get your mother-in-law to trust and love you.

Titilayo Ilori

Having a mother-in-law, who loves and cares for you like her own daughter, is the greatest joy a woman can ever have. But if your mother-in-law is not quite what you expect her to be, there are other ways to win her over. Check out some of such ways below:

1. Treat her like your mother

Some mothers-in-law can never be satisfied no matter how much you please them. You have to continue trying your best. Once you have accepted her as your mother and not your rival, there is nothing she will do that will get you upset.

2. Get to understand her

If you don't know anything about your mother-in-law, how can you please her? Get to know her likes and dislikes. This will guide you.

3. Do not overimpress

Most women try to impress their mothers-in-law, and in the process, they overdo it. You don't need to fake being nice. Just relate to her as if you are relating to your mother.

4. Show some appreciation

Some women only call their mothers-in-law on special occasions. You should call to check up on her once in a while, tell her how much you miss having her around, even if it’s not entirely true. Let her feel happy and comfortable around you.

5. Show  genuine love to her son

Some mothers-in-law only visit their son's house to know if their son is in safe hands. Whenever she's around and all you do is get into a fight, you can never be her friend even if you cook her best dish. No mother will be happy seeing her son unhappy

Remember, you have to do the above continuously to earn your mother-in-law’s trust.

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