Moyo Lawal
Moyo Lawal

Actress, Moyo Lawal, Says Game Of Thrones Is Overrated

Moyo Lawal tramples on the emotions of Game of Thrones’ fans by saying the series is overrated.

Pearl Emmanuel

The finale of Game of Thrones kicked off on Monday, the 15th, and the buzz on social media has been more than epic.

Although google states that over 90% of the world's population has seen the series, some Nigerians are coming to say they fall under the remaining percentage yet to see the series. One of them is Moyo Lawal.

The curvy actress took to her page to explain that she had not seen the series, but after much pressure from her friends, she decided to watch it. According to her, she was disgusted by the first few scenes in the first episode and couldn't continue.

She insisted that Game of Thrones is filled with explicit sex scenes, killing of an innocent child in such a gory manner and incest, too. She further explained that the series is like a Nollywood movie with more sex scenes and nudity.

I didnt enjoy it, doesn mean i didnt understand it oooh 😂 some people be trying to school me (be claiming high IQ , jokers) ...... ......... .......... .... p.s Got is Game of Thrones by the way.... i guess i understand now why porn is the highest grossing filming sector ....because 🙈🙈 .. If it is Nigeria film with more than one sex scene , people will say it is porn but American film it is art 😐 motigbo 😉😉even*** Two and a half men** with sex everyday never shows us anything .....
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