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Good night’s rest
Good night’s rest

Get A Good Night’s Sleep With These 5 Tips

Struggling to sleep at night? Find five tips that will help you sleep better at night here.

Titilayo Ilori

Not having a good night’s sleep could have a negative effect on your health. It is important to have a good sleep for the body and mind to function properly.

There are a few things that cause lack of sleep, and they include stress, depression, anxiety, among others.

If you need help sleeping at night, you will find these few tips useful.

1. Reduce your sugar intake

To catch a good night’s rest, reduce your sugar intake. Too much sugar is not good for your health and it can also keep you awake all night.

2. Cut down on caffeine

Caffeine also has almost the same effects on the body as sugar. It interferes with sleep and can only be consumed if you want to stay awake. It should, thus, be avoided if you need a good night’s sleep.

3. Read a book

Another way to have a good sleep is to read a book. Reading has a way of relaxing and preparing the body and mind for sleep.

4. Eat lots of fruits

Consuming enough fruits is better than eating food that contains carbohydrate at night. Such food will make you uncomfortable and keep you awake, but fruits, especially banana, will make you sleep well.

5.  Exercise

Try as much as possible to exercise your body. Exercises make the heart pump blood at a higher rate. You don't need to visit the gym before you exercise your body. You can take a walk around the compound till you feel tired.