IK Ogbonna
IK Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna Set To Sue Online Troll Who Called Him Gay For Defamation Of Character

Actor, IK Ogbonna, is ready to sue the Internet troll who accused him of being gay. Here’s the troll’s response.

Pearl Emmanuel

Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna has proven to be a man of few words. He has begun taking legal actions against the Internet troll who accused him of being gay.

Celebrities are told overtime to develop a thick skin to trolls. Yet, many of them derive instant gratification from the lies being spread about them, interpreting these lies to mean free publicity.

It seems IK Ogbonna isn't one of those people. You will recall that an Internet troll, known as Bold Pink who introduced herself as one who drinks paracetamol for other people's headaches, accused IK Ogbonna of being gay only a few days ago. She said that was the reason for his marriage crash.

IK Ogbonna is demanding an unreserved apology from the troll in a new document he put out through his legal adviser. Failure to apologize, he insists, will mean that he will go ahead to sue Bold Pink for defamation of character.

In a recent Instagram post, he claimed Instagram was created for promotion but some people have taken advantage of the platform to seek cheap fame.

“A free platform created for promotion and marketing has given people cheap voices to speak cheaply about people’s hard earned integrity. Most of those who wants us to come out with “who we truly are”...as they claim, have themselves nothing to show to anyone. The noises are mostly made and heard from the empty barrels. We give attention to what is of value not what takes our attention from what is of no value. And very soon, society must weed out the tares that prevent the wheat from standing out.” If u come with allegations pls come out of the closet with prove to ur allegation.

Bold Pink is not resident in Nigeria, and therefore feels she's untouchable and the lawsuit doesn't affect her at all. She uploaded a video loading a gun with bullets, cocking it, while playing ‘Fvck You’ by Kizz Daniel in the background.

She seems unbothered by IK Ogbonna's lawsuit. Do you think she has proof of his sexuality or is she just bluffing?

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