5 Ways Cheating On Your Partner Can Affect Your Children

Cheating on your spouse has more lasting, negative effects on your children than you think. Here’s why!

Titilayo Ilori

Cheating is common in many marriages today. People cheat for different reasons, forgetting that children are the biggest victims of this act.

Children whose parents cheat sometimes end up becoming headstrong and find it difficult to love. Here are five ways your children are affected by your cheating.


1. They become distrustful

Don't forget your children see what is happening. They know how you broke the trust you had with their other parent. There is nothing anyone will say to them that will make them change their mind about how they feel. They may never trust anyone for the rest of their lives.

2. They will  never believe in love

Children of cheating parents find it difficult to love anyone. Each time they remember how their father cheated on their mother or vice versa, falling in love becomes a problem because of the fear of getting hurt.

3. Your children are also likely to follow your footsteps

Children whose parents cheat are likely to do the same when they become adults because they grew up believing that cheating is a normal thing and they should accept it as a way of life.

4. The children feel betrayed

Think of how the children will feel knowing that the man they call father has been having an affair with another woman, and they see their mother crying all day or vice versa. You have not only betrayed them, you have also broken their trust.

5. They live in fear

Children whose parents cheat on each other end up losing one of their parents, either to separation or divorce. This will have a negative effect on them, emotionally, physically and academically.

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