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7 Signs Your Man Is Still Attached To His Ex

Have you observed any of these signs in your man? You should know that he is probably still attached to his ex-girlfriend.

Titilayo Ilori

Being in a new relationship with a man who has refused to let go of his ex is quite drilling. Most men who once had a strong bond with their ex-girlfriend might find it hard to let go of the memories they shared. Some men might try their best to hide the feelings but they hardly succeed.

When in a relationship with such men, you will find that it is full of hiccups. The most important thing to do is to know what signs to look out for so that you can either choose to stay or walk away from the relationship. Find some signs that your boyfriend is still attached to his ex below.

1. He cannot say a sentence without mentioning her name

Mentioning his ex-girlfriend’s name during a conversation that has nothing to do with her is a sign that your partner is still attached to his ex.

2. He runs to her for advice

If he runs to her for advice on a job opening or on what might be bothering him before talking to you about it, it means he does not think of you as a confidant.

3. They still contact each other

Another sign that your partner is still attached to his ex is when he talks to her regularly, either on social media, through text messages, phone calls. It is obvious that they are still in each other's lives and they are keeping a close tab on each other.

4. He can't stop talking about the moments they had together

If your man can't respect the fact that the time he spent with his ex has ended, then there is a big problem.

He should understand that it’s a closed chapter in his life.

5. He still cherishes a gift or more from her

Maybe he has refused to dispose of a customized T-shirt they both have or a face cap she gave him and keeps this item in a special place in his room. This is a sign that he has not gotten over his ex and she still has a special place in his heart.

6. He keeps checking her social media updates

If you notice that your boyfriend is still checking up on his ex-girlfriend on social media, this means that he is not completely over her and probably wants to know what she has been up to

7. He compares you to her

The worst thing that can happen to a girl in a relationship is for her boyfriend to constantly compare her to his ex-girlfriend in a negative way. For example, when he compares your cooking to his ex and says she is a better cook than you are or she is better in bed than you.

There is no way you can satisfy such a man like his ex. So, it is best to walk away from that relationship.