Nigerian celebrity
Nigerian celebrity

Revealed! Your Favourite Nollywood Actress Became Wealthy From Dating A Senator

You won’t believe who this celebrity is and what she did to get the luxury life. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Nollywood, as they say, is a scam. There is always a hidden story to most of the success stories we see our celebrities display on the gram.

This particular actress, whose name starts with the third letter of the alphabet, is of Ibo descent. She was once married but got a divorce on the grounds of domestic violence.

After leaving her marriage, she focused on acting full time. She gradually started making a name for herself. She wasn't extremely wealthy but she was comfortable.

Many loved this tall, chocolate skinned celebrity for her charisma and the way she maintained her lane without mingling with other celebrities in the industry. She, in fact, impressed quite a number of people when she wrote a book about bossing up. Soon, however, it became news that she was dating a high-ranking senator, whose name is synonymous with the young boy who killed a giant in the Bible.

It is rumoured that this senator got our beloved actress her house abroad and sponsored her Harvard University degree, which she posted on social media. He also sponsored her movie which is slated to be in cinemas in May.

If you watch closely, you'd notice that this actress has undergone body enhancement surgery and now has an hour glass shape.

She recently launched her T-shirt brand and sells it on Jumia online store. She has about two T-shirts on there right now.

These celebrities mislead their fans, as they will never openly say what they do to get rich and pretend to owe it all to hard work and dedication.

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