Teni Makanaki
Teni Makanaki

Teni Makanaki Complains About Incessant Bank Charges

Artiste, Teni Makanaki, calls out her bank to end crazy charges.

Pearl Emmanuel

Having accounts with banks in Nigeria can be stressful because they charge customers for almost everything. Almost all banks in Nigeria practise this annoying act of debiting customers for both necessary and irrelevant operations.

In fact, it now seems they charge people for just going to the bank to save the little cash they earn from their hard work.

Teni Makanaki isn't keeping quiet on this issue like other celebrities. The artiste, who has become one of the most sought after musicians in Nigeria, posted on Instagram a video where she complained about charges debited from her account by her bank. She feels pained that they would eventually go as far as debiting her for opening an account with the bank.

Although she didn't mention any names, her fans capitalized on that to lay complaints about their sad experiences with Nigerian banks so far.

Teni is known to be adorable and relatable. It’s one of the reasons her fanbase has grown in such a short time. The fact that she uses her platform to speak for the common man has also endeared many to her.

Her latest complaints about banks have kept most banks on their toes, as some came to the comment section to apologise. That is the result of making a positive impact on the society.

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