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Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

5 Things Pregnant Women Should Never Do

Are you an expectant mother? Here are five things you must not do.

Titilayo Ilori

Nothing beats exercising and engaging in various fun activities when you’re pregnant. You should remember, though, that there are sacrifices you must make, a few activities you must give up or never engage in so as not to put your life or that of your baby in danger. Some of the things you should never do as a pregnant woman include:

1. Snowboarding

As tempting as this sounds, this is one activity you never want to engage in when you’re pregnant.

2. Drinking excessive caffeine

Don’t indulge your cravings for caffeine when you’re pregnant. Too much caffeine can cause a miscarriage, especially if you are in your first trimester.

3. Riding at the amusement parks

There are some rides at the amusement park that a pregnant woman should avoid. They include, Ferris wheel, carousel, long fume and so on. These rides are dangerous for pregnant women and can lead to a miscarriage and other health issues.

4. Horse riding

Horse riding is dangerous to pregnant women, as it can cause pressure below the abdomen as well as miscarriage for women in their first trimester. It can also cause head injury to women who are in their third trimester.

5. Taking part in water sports

Accidents can occur while swimming, and you do not want to take chances, especially when you’re pregnant. The current of the water can also cause trauma to your unborn child.