Denrele Edun
Denrele Edun

Denrele Edun Shares A Painful Modeling Experience

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerians are known to criticise and openly ridicule things and human behaviour above their knowledge, and Denrele's case is no exception.

Denrele Edun is a true definition of never judge a book by its cover. He is one of the first androgynous models to come out of Nigeria. Many laughed at his display of crazy fashion and denied him opportunities, but undeterred, Denrele continued to forge ahead in his chosen career path.

He narrated one of his painful experiences when he started out as a model. According to his story, this particular event happened in 1999. He explained how being an androgynous model at the time was difficult and he was going from designer to show organisers to submit his pictures for runway shows. Most of them turned him down because of his look.

He went to submit his picture at a particular studio and he was laughed at by models he met there. The organiser of the show he intended to be a part of called him a malnourished Somalian refugee but he waited patiently for 11 hours.

According to Denrele, he was finally given the opportunity to walk on the runway against the man's will and wasn't paid. He explains that he was stranded after the show and had to walk from Lagos Island to Yaba and was subjected to jumping like a frog by vigilantes who were guarding the area because he followed his passion.

He used his post to encourage upcoming androgynous models particularly.

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