Paul Okoye
Paul Okoye

Rudeboy Reveals The Inspiration Behind His Songs

Paul Okoye has revealed the inspiration behind his songs, and it is not his wife. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy of the now defunct Psquare group, released a new single titled 'Reason With Me' a few days ago and it started trending almost immediately.

Paul is known for his love for melancholic songs but this Patti song seems personal and sounds like the song ‘Senorita’ which he and his brother sang in the early days.

In this new song, he is portrayed as a struggling carpenter with a young girlfriend craving for the good life. She gets tired of waiting for her boyfriend to become rich, ridicules him and walks out of his life.

In a recent interview, Paul explained that the song was inspired by a true life story which his twin could testify to. He narrated that while he was in Abuja, he fell in love with a girl at the University of Abuja where he schooled. The girl stayed off campus while he and his brother stayed in the school hostel. Her parents were well to do and her friends advised her to stop dating Paul. She obeyed and ended things with him.

Paul confessed that he was heartbroken and still is. He remembers the girls who broke his heart and they inspire him to write touching love songs. According to him, his wife is also aware of this story, because the heartbreak occurred before he finally met his wife, Anita, who stood by him and supported him until his music career paid off.

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