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Married couple
Married couple

3 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate Sex In Their Marriage

Men whose wives initiate sex are happier than men whose spouses are hesitant about making the first move. Here’s why!

Titilayo Ilori

In the past, women believed it was wrong to make the first move during sex. They believed it was the duty of the man to initiate sex, because they felt a woman who initiated sex could be compared to a prostitute.

But gone are the days of this shallow thinking. Nowadays, a woman has to think of different means to keep her man and satisfy him sexually. Below are three things that initiating sex will do to your man.

1. Make him feel wanted

Approaching your man anytime you feel like sex makes him feel wanted. You don't have to wait for him to initiate it. There might be times you both want it, but he wouldn't want to come to you. There is no reason to be shy about it. If you can't say it, you can give him a sign or a code that he can understand.

2. Make him happy

When your man knows that his wife can ask for sex anytime she wants it, it makes him happy because this means there is a high level of communication and closeness in the marriage.

3. Make him feel closer to you

Believe it or not, making the first move will bring your man closer to you and vice versa. It will also help boost the spark in your marriage.

Lovemaking is sweeter when both parties want the same thing. The man will know that his wife really wants it so he will put all his body and soul into it.