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5 Signs Of Fibroid Every Woman Must Know
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5 Signs Of Fibroid Every Woman Must Know

Titilayo Ilori

A fibroid is a non-cancerous growth that develops around the muscles of the womb. Because most women don't know what the signs and symptoms of fibroid are, we serve you five signs below.

1. Heavy menstrual flow and longer periods

The first fibroid sign you should know is a heavy  menstrual flow. Heavy flow and longer periods than the one you are used to could be signs that you have a fibroid growing in the uterus or around its walls. Note that a heavy flow could be a sign of something else.

2. Inability to conceive

Fibroid can cause fertility problems and make it difficult for a woman to conceive. If the woman eventually conceives, she will have to undergo a cesarean section, because giving birth naturally is risky when there is a fibroid.

3. Urinating constantly

Going to the bathroom every other minute could also be a sign of fibroid. The size or positioning of the fibroid affects the amount of pressure it has on your bladder, and ultimately, affects the number of times you visit the bathroom.

4. Painful sex

Fibroid can cause pain during sex. This could be a result of pressure around the uterus whenever it comes in contact with anything.

5. Constant constipation and swollen belly

Indigestion causes constipation, but if you have constipation along with the above symptoms, this might be a sign of uterine fibroid. You might also have to check with your doctor if your belly is swollen and there is no obvious reason why.