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5 Simple Mistakes Parents Shouldn’t Make 

Titilayo Ilori

Parenting remains one of the most challenging jobs ever. Training children from their infant years to their teenage and adult years is not an easy task. These are some of the mistakes parents shouldn’t make when training their children.

1. Giving in to a child’s every demand

It is not advisable to give in to all your children’s demands. Make them understand that they can't always have everything they ask for.

2. Comparing your children with other children

It is wrong to compare your kids with other children, as it can demoralize the child and lead to low self-esteem or loss of self-confidence.

3. Overworking your children

Leisure is just as important as working. Give your children time to rest, play and take a break from work. You can draw out a timetable that will make it possible for your children to have as much time to work as they can to relax, hang out with friends or go see a movie.

4. Overreacting to situations

Reacting to every situation is a No-No! Avoid beating your children over little matters, they might end up fearing or hating you.

5. Not spending time with them

Some parents hardly spend quality time with their children, probably because they are too busy making money. Spending time with your kids will make your relationship grow stronger. Take them out once in a while or spend some time with them indoors.