Simi Experiences Hair Loss, Set To Go Bald

Looks like Simi is tired of experiencing hair loss that might have resulted from her current pregnant state, and she is just about ready to throw in the towel by cutting off her hair. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Simi may be experiencing hair loss due to her pregnancy, as she is always seen covering her hair or wearing wigs these days.

A close source has disclosed that the actress is expecting her first child with husband, Adekunle Gold, and flew outside the country in February to take a course and enjoy the pregnancy journey.

The flew into Nigeria last week and decided to surprise her friends who didn't expect her back in the country anytime soon to launch her new album.

Simi released her new song, titled ‘Omo Charlie Champagne’, in honour of her late father on her birthday, surrounded by her husband and close friends.

In order to promote her new album, she has been recording dance videos with her friends and challenging fans to get her new album.

Whilst still promoting her song, the songstress shocked fans when she said she would go ahead to cut her hair. This might be as a result of her pregnancy.

Fans have flooded her page to dissuade her but it seems her mind is already made up. We expect a new look from the musician soon.

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