IK Ogbonna
IK Ogbonna

Nollywood Actor, IK Ogbonna, Begins Online Troll Awareness Program

Pearl Emmanuel

IK Ogbonna has taken it upon himself to educate fans about traits of online trolls after continuously falling victim .

Recall that unaccomplished YouTuber, known as Bold Pink, accused IK Ogbonna of being gay and IK in return threatened with a lawsuit within seven days.

Also, social media influencer, simply Tacha, made a mockery of the actor for failing to take action after the proposed 7 days. She made it a point to remind him that he also trolled her earlier by calling her a prostitute.

IK Ogbonna responded with a subtle reply suggesting that all online trolls sound alike. Meanwhile, this fight between Bold Pink and IK Ogbonna might just die down without any legal actions taken.

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