Bold Pink and IK Ogbonna
Bold Pink and IK Ogbonna

Online Troll Bold Pink Mocks IK Ogbonna, He Responds With A Threat

Failed YouTuber, Bold Pink, has finally gotten the attention of actor, IK Ogbonna, and is milking the publicity for all it is worth. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Online troll, Bold Pink, called out Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, a few weeks ago for being gay and insisted that it was the sole reason his wife, Sonia, abandoned their marriage.

IK Ogbonna responded with a lawsuit from his attorney demanding a withdrawal of the allegation and a public apology within seven days. Bold Pink, in response, made a video laughing at IK Ogbonna with Kizz Daniel's song, ‘Fvck You’, playing in the background. The actor didn't respond or acknowledge her refusal to apologise. Still, Bold Pink wasn't satisfied.

She took to Instagram to mock the actor that it was past seven days and he hadn't carried out his threat.

IK Ogbonna’s response suggested that he was planning something sinister and warned the troll to beware of his silence.

Read his response below.

Silence is the most dangerous step ... While they count I act. you should be worried coz I have been sipping my drink for a week now 
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