4 Things Men Should Do On A First Date 
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4 Things Men Should Do On A First Date 

Planning a first date? Here are four things you should do.

Titilayo Ilori

Some men are nonchalant when it comes to going on a date with a woman for the first time. They do things that could turn their dates off.

If you want your first date to be a success, these are things you should do.

1. Smile as she walks in

If you get to the restaurant before your date, as she walks through that door and you sight each other, it is important for you to smile at her till she gets to your seat. This will boost her confidence and make her feel welcome.

2. Compliment her

Even if she is wearing a colour you do not particularly like, avoid making her feel bad. Compliment her on her hair, dress or accessories. Tell her how beautiful she is, but do not lie.

3. Be open

Being open will go a long way in making her feel comfortable with you. Note that you don’t have to tell her everything about yourself, but you should share the important things. Answer her questions honestly and have a friendly conversation with her.

4. Be cool, not desperate

If you show your date that you are desperate for her, she might take you for granted. Remain cool and try to know her first before you let her know how you feel about her.

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