5 Ways To Make Her Respect You

Want to earn the respect of your woman? Do these five things.

Titilayo Ilori

Respect is an important key to every relationship. As a couple, you must learn to respect each other in order to make the relationship last longer.

As a man, you cannot force a woman to respect you. You have to earn her respect. If you want her to respect you, you must be willing to do these things.

1. Be responsible

Some men take advantage of their wives. They believe since she earns more than them, she should shoulder the responsibilities at home. No woman will respect a man who runs away from his responsibility. Learn to take care of your home.

2. Respect her

Don't discuss your partner with friends even when she is not there. You never can tell, someone might end up telling her all that has been said. This will make her lose the trust she has in you and respect she has for you.

3. Be honest

Be honest. The truth might hurt, but it is good to be honest. Don't say one thing and say something else a few minutes later. No woman will respect a liar. Learn to keep your word.

4. Respect yourself

It is normal to have a little misunderstanding once in a while. You may both exchange words when you are angry, but try as much as possible not to call her any names you might later regret.

5. Keep your promise

Don't make a promise you cannot keep. If you do, your partner will never take you seriously.  Women love and respect men who keep their promises. Whenever you make promises, make sure you fulfill them.

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