6 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid
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6 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid

If you have these six types of friends in your circle, it is time to make new friends.

Titilayo Ilori

Having friends that are trustworthy is something to be proud of. True friends are people you can rely on and lean on whenever you are down.

As  good friends exist so do bad ones. It is important to know the signs to look out for in order to separate the good ones from the bad. Here are six types of friends you should avoid.

1. Friends who want to compete with you

Fake friends are ready to compete with you no matter what. Each time you share some good news, rather than congratulating you, they envy you and think of ways to outshine you.

2. Friends who only call you when they need help

If your friends only call you when they need your help, it means they are just using you for their own selfish interest.

As long as you are useful they will stick around, and once you have nothing to offer, they will toss you out like trash.

3. Friends that don't trust you

Real friends don't doubt you whenever you tell them things about you. But fake friends will doubt everything you say, even when it is obvious that you are saying the truth.

4. Friends who gossip about you

A good friend should be able to keep your secret, no matter how scary it may be. If you have a friend who likes to share your secrets with others and gossip about you each time she is with other friends, then you need to end the friendship.

5. Friends who constantly criticize you

A good friend will never criticize you. No one is perfect, but your friends should be the last set of people to criticize you. If you can't talk freely whenever you are around them, then you should start looking for a new set of friends.

6.  Friends who are rude to you

It is normal to call each other annoying names sometimes, but someone who looks for any slight opportunity to insult you, not minding the implications, is not your friend.

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