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3 Ways To Deal With A Friend Who Flirts With Your Man

3 Ways To Deal With A Friend Who Flirts With Your Man

Is your friend flirting with your man? Find three ways to deal with her here!

Titilayo Ilori

We all have this one friend who likes attaching herself to one's boyfriend. This act can be annoying, especially if she is overdoing it and refuses to understand that you are not comfortable with what she is doing.

If you want that friend to stop flirting with your man and you don't know how to make her stop, try these three steps.

1. Be sure

First of all, you need to be sure of what she is up to, because she might not mean any harm. You need to be sure of this.

If you confront her and at the end, you are wrong about the whole thing you might end up jeopardizing the friendship and your boyfriend will think you have trust issues.

2. Confront her

If seeing her flirt with your man makes you uncomfortable, you must confront her at once. There is no need to waste time.

When you confront her, go straight to the point, don't beat about the bush. By going straight to the point she will know you know what you are saying, but if you don't do that, she might try to be defensive since she knows where you are going.

3. Don't make it an issue

Be mature about the whole situation after you have confronted her. Make sure she is not angry about the situation.

You both shouldn't part ways because of the issue. The most important thing is that you have passed your message across.