5 Signs She Is Ready To Quit The Relationship
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5 Signs She Is Ready To Quit The Relationship

Want to know if your girlfriend is ready to quit the relationship or is in it for the long haul? You should read this!

Titilayo Ilori

When a woman is tired of a relationship, she gives different excuses to get out of it.
She might not be able to break up with you, but she will definitely show you these signs:

1. She gives excuses for not visiting

A woman who loves you will look forward to seeing you, but when a woman is tired of a relationship coming to visit you will become a problem. If she uses her parents as an excuse all of a sudden, you must know something has changed. Or if she suddenly remembers that her parents are against her getting married to someone from another tribe, know she is seeing someone else.

2. She constantly picks a fight

If you can't have a smooth conversation without her picking a fight or if she picks offense in everything you say and escalates small issues, she is probably tired of the relationship and wants to end it.

3. She compares you with your friends

A woman who loves you genuinely will never compare you with your friends, especially when you are trying your best to make her happy.

4. She has a sudden change of attitude

If she used to be a calm, easy going woman and suddenly becomes the opposite, it is best to prepare your mind for the worst.

5. She asks for space

If she truly loves you, she won't want to stay far from you. But if she suddenly asks you for space, it means she is tired of the relationship.

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