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5 Ways To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams 
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5 Ways To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams 

Do women keep rejecting your advances? You haven’t tried these five things.

Titilayo Ilori

Have you ever wondered why you have been rejected by a woman you once loved and approached? There must be something you did wrong that needs to be corrected.

These five points will help you correct the mistakes you have made and will help you get the girl of your dreams.

To get her, you must :

1. Be bold

Walking up to a woman with a lack of confidence will make her lose interest in whatever you have to say. It can also make her reject you.

You must build your confidence and have the right words before approaching her.

2. Go straight to the point

If you like a woman, go straight to the point. Let her know how you feel and tell her what you want from her. Don't start asking unnecessary questions, and don't forget, you are not the only man who wants her.

3.  Always look good

Never walk up to a woman looking scruffy and with bad breath. If you do, she won't pay attention to anything you have to say because your appearance will piss her off. If you want to ask a girl out, you must learn to look sharp.

4.  Be sure she is your type

It is good to cut your coat according to your cloth. If you know she is not your type or she is not someone you can date, don't walk up to her.

5. Be creative with your pick up lines

You don't need to rehearse what to tell a woman you like. There must be a reason you like her. Just tell her that in the most interesting and creative way that will catch her attention. Let her know how you feel and tell her why you want to date her. You don't have to lie. If you need to know more about her, do so before walking up to her.