5 Ways To Pamper Your Woman

5 Ways To Pamper Your Woman

Titilayo Ilori

It is important for a man to surprise his partner once in a while. It strengthens the bond you both share. It is also a reminder that you love and care for her. Here are ways you can surprise your woman.

1.  Plan a special night together

Take her out on a romantic date. If possible, spend the night out. Take her to her favourite restaurant. If the restaurant has a live band, let the musician sing her a song and dedicate it to her. This will make her happy and she will never forget that day.

2. Buy her gifts

You don't need to wait till it is Valentine's Day or her birthday before you buy her something nice. You must have an idea of items she likes and dislikes.

Learn to buy her a lovely gift every other day, no matter how small. You can also attach a small note to the gift expressing your love for her. She will appreciate it and cherish it more than you can ever imagine.

3. Prepare a meal for the family

Who says a man cannot cook? Pamper your queen, let her take a day or two off from the kitchen to rest, while you cook a delicious meal for the family. You should repeat this at least twice a week. If possible, serve your wife in bed.

4. Help with the house chores

When your wife needs a break, nothing stops you from helping her with the house chores. If you can't help with the dishes, do the laundry. If she's got six house chores to do, make sure you help with at least four.

5. Give her a message

She doesn't need to visit the spa for a massage every now and then when she's got you. After the day’s work, before she retires to bed, give her a body massage.

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