Woman ovulating
Woman ovulating

5 Ovulation Signs Every Woman Should Know

Do you know your ovulation signs? Get familiar with them here! 

Titilayo Ilori

Ovulation is when the eggs are released from the ovaries. During this process, the fallopian tubes are pushed down. This makes the eggs available to be fertilized.

Every woman should know her ovulation signs, as they will help her calculate her next mentrual period and her safe period. These ovulation signs include:

1. Constant headache

There are times you have a headache and you wonder what might be the cause. It could be a sign that you are ovulating. Do not worry, it will stop before you know it.

2.  High body temperature

When your body temperature is a bit higher than normal, do not fret. It could be a sign of ovulation. This might not happen to everybody, though. But just in case your body temperature’s running high at a particular time of the month, you should remember this.

3.  Urge for sex

Ovulation causes a woman to be horny. Some even go to the extent of having wet dreams. So, each time you have the urge to have sex, know that your ovulation has begun.

4.  Increase in breast size

During this period, women with small breasts like to flaunt their breasts, because they increase in size during ovulation. Also, your breasts become tender and sensitive each time you touch them.

4.  Weakness

Feeling dizzy and weak are part of ovulation signs. So, there is no cause for alarm if you feel weak at some point during the month.

5. Pains around the pelvis

This is the most common ovulation sign. The pain might be consistent and sharp. But it will last just a few days before it disappears.

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