Nigerian Comedian Alibaba
Nigerian Comedian Alibaba

Alibaba Warns ‘Small Girls with Big gods’ to Get Ready to Pay Taxes

Alibaba seems to have  a personal vendetta against the popular small girls with big god and he isn’t afraid to speak out

Pearl Emmanuel

Comedian Alibaba is not taking it lightly with social media influencers especially female celebrities and business women who intimidate other women with wealth gotten from married rich men tagged "Big gods".

Alibaba has never hidden his opinion on ladies who do the unspeakable to seek wealth under the pretense of hard work and grace.

However, he took it a step further by informing the celebrities who fall under the category of ‘small girl, big god’ to gather and get ready to start paying taxes from the money gotten from their sponsors.

See what he said below:

And as for all of those ladies who are putting other hard working ladies under pressure with things that the struggling ladies cannot afford yet, but things that their big god bought for them... na God go deal with una. You are carrying a 4 million Naira bag, and you don’t have a 200k monthly job. You are flying business and first class, private jet, yet you have no source of income. Your are living large. Just wait, from what I hear, LIRS is coming for you. You will soon begin to file your tax. Because you will soon receive a letter “We write to congratulate you on your successes from LIRS. We would like to however, inform you, that we are yet to receive your tax returns as demanded by law. Please walk into any of our offices, to regularise your tax standing. Once again thank you.” Nothing wrong with having a big god. Just let the LIRS, thank him as well........... All of una eyes go soon clear. Putting innocent gez under pressure for what?
Alibaba and wife Mary
Alibaba and wife Mary

Although the comedian has taken it upon himself to become an Instagram judge of sugar babies, he isn't exactly without sin.

There are rumours albeit unverified that the comedian also served as a big god to young girls and high society ladies in his heydays, although he was married.

The grapevine alleges that he took a cue to stay faithful to his wife, when she became ill for a long period of time due to his frolicking and extra-marital affairs.

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