Pretty Mike
Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike calls out Clarence Peters for Taking Advantage of Video Vixens

Lagos Nightlife boss Pretty Mike is on a mission to expose the ills in the Nigerian entertainment industry and he isn’t afraid to break tables. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Pretty Mike is gradually getting the attention of people as he has taken it upon himself to expose the hidden struggles in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Pretty Mike being a major stakeholder of the Lagos nightlife scene in his new post discussed a serious issue many in the entertainment industry have overlooked.

According to him, it is true that women in the entertainment industry recycle the same men as pointed out by curvy social media influencer, Princess Shyngle and controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh.

Pretty Mike explained that many ladies in this modern dispensation aspire to be video vixens but do not understand what the job of being seen in every trending music video truly entailed.

He listed the names of top video vixens in Nigeria and stated as a matter of fact that renowned music video director Clarence Peters slept with them all.

Clarence Peters
Clarence Peters

He went on to say that not just Clarence Peters was guilty of taking advantage of young girls, but influential persons like Unlimited LA was guilty of the same act with the promise of giving them exposure and more features in top celebrities' videos.

These girls desperate to ‘blow’ succumb to pressure and sleep with every influential producer and director in the Nigerian music scene.

Pretty Mike in his shocking revelation, went on to say that barely a few days ago, Clarence Peters had a threesome with two of the video vixens.

In response, Clarence Peter posted a rejoinder on his social media page, he said:

Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your power - not because they don’t see it, but because they see it and they don’t want you to exist. Always remember... Rumours are carried by haters, spread by folls, and accepted by idiots.

The nightlife connoisseur acknowledged that he too was a part of this sordid underbelly of the Nigerian entertainment industry, According to him, he had also been part of the system of recycling sex partners in the industry.

See what he said below:

Rumor has it that Top Director Clarences Peters recently had a threeSome with 2 popular video vixen besties,all in the name of more Exposure,More LeadRoles etc. @opeyemeee who is one of the Industry top Middle man has slept with almost every girl he has promoted or recommended for a job and uses this to promise them more jobs.. @omobonike_ another known handler also takes advantage of most of these vixens who can’t successfully get a job on there own...with the amount of girls in the industry no wonder they all share the same men as @Queennerfatiti1 and @princesshyngle posted recently also exposing the lifestyle of most of these girls..To maintain their luxurious lifes most of them recycle the same men of which I use to be a victim..This is the dilemma constantly faced in the industry,upcoming girls looks up to these ladies if only they knew what it really takes to get there
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