Yemi Alade and Rick Ross’ Collaboration Will Leave You Saying ‘Oh My Gosh’

Yemi Alade and Rick Ross’ Collaboration Will Leave You Saying ‘Oh My Gosh’

Yemi Alade has received accolades from fans for staying true to herself whilst collaborating with American rapper, Rick Ross.

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Mama Africa as she is popularly called, maintained her afro hairdo and ‘Africaness’, especially her Nigerian costume as her trademark and it has gained her international recognition overtime.

Yemi Alade thrilled fans with her single ‘Oh my Gosh’ earlier this year. The song quickly gained momentum because of its popular slang and unique beat.

Fans were still basking in the euphoria of the new melody, when she shocked many by announcing her collaboration with music heavy weight and owner of Maybach music, Rick Ross.

The audio was beautiful and it trended for days on social media; twitter precisely and was applauded by many.

Yemi Alade has also dropped the visuals for the remix of ‘Oh My Gosh’ featuring Rick Ross and it is quite entertaining.

Yemi Alade and Rick Ross
Yemi Alade and Rick Ross

The fact that the melodious singer maintained her usual ‘Africaness’ and still owned the song, made it excellent.

Fans are also applauding this collaboration because she didn't get carried away by Rick Ross' influence, to change her signature style. Rather she maintained it in line with his rap and the remix came out beautifully African.

Yemi is indeed Mama Africa, a woman who has her mind set on putting Africa on an international pedestal. Music Legend Angelique Kidjo has shown profound support towards the new song as well.

See the music video:

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