Gospel Singer, Tim Godfrey, Impregnates Church Member

Gospel Singer, Tim Godfrey, Impregnates Church Member

Spirit-filled and tongue-blasting musician, Tim Godfrey, seems to have had his hands busy with something sweeter than the Lord’s work.

Pearl Emmanuel

According to hushed stories from a certain church member of the inner caucus of the House on the Rock Cathedral, singer, Tim Godfrey, has impregnated a yet to be named church member who also happens to be a worker in the same church.

Tim Godfrey is one of the most popular gospel musicians to come out of Nigeria. He is known for modernising old Christian songs to give them a Hip-Hop feel so the new generation can also relate to the songs. He sings mainly in Ibo and sometimes English or pidgin, according to how he is led.

The gospel singer has come far from his struggling days in Jos. Many have wondered why the seemingly accomplished singer who launched his own record label, Rox Nation, in 2018 is still single. The gist is that he was in a serious relationship with a fellow church member, by the name Chioma. She was also one of his back up singers. The relationship many hoped would lead to marriage suddenly crashed.

Tim continued to pursue his career with the help of his pastor and mentor who happens to be the leader and pioneer of House on the Rock, Reverend Paul Adefarasin.

Upon hearing the news of the pregnancy fiasco between Tim and the church worker, this source claims Reverend Paul was highly disappointed and suspended Tim Godfrey from the workforce for a few months while deciding what to do with the pregnant lady.

Upon Tim’s resumption, it was decided that the lady would go ahead to keep the pregnancy while Tim would prepare to foot the bills. However, we are kept in the dark as to the details of this decision, whether it entails marriage or not. Also we cannot verify if Tim's former sweetheart, Chioma, is the pregnant lady, and if she is not, if she has heard the news.

The source explains that the news of this pregnancy could be quite scandalous to the image of the church if it is released to the public and the church is therefore doing everything to maintain order and tranquility so the media doesn't get hold of the information.

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