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6 Health Benefits Of Garden Egg Leaves
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6 Health Benefits Of Garden Egg Leaves

Titilayo Ilori


Garden egg leaves play a vital role in our body. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and help to prevent other health issues.

1. Garden egg leaves help to clean the kidney

Garden egg leaves help to clean the kidney. All you need to do is follow the instructions below:

1.Slice your leaves into tiny pieces.

2. Wash well with clean water.

3. Put the leaves in a pot and add enough water.

4. Leave to boil for 15 minutes.

When you are sure it has boiled, leave it to cool for about 20 minutes. Then fill it in a bottle and take one cup. This drink will flush out any disease in your body.

2.  Can be used as blood tonic

The garden egg leaves can help replenish the blood. Just like the Ugwu vegetable leaves. You can boil it and drink with milk. Take two or more glasses a day.

3. It is good for pregnant women

Garden egg leaves contain vitamins and minerals which make it healthy for pregnant women to consume. Garden egg leaves also prevent birth defects

4. Used to treat infertility and low libido

According to research, garden egg leaves boost libido in men and help to treat other sexually related illnesses in the body.

5. Can cure stomach ulcer

As we know that ulcer is caused by inflammation around the stomach linings, which can cause a serious problem if you eat some particular food that is acidic.

Garden egg leaves help to cure stomach ulcer. Water leaf is also another remedy.

6. Garden egg leaves control sugar level

The high fiber present in garden egg leaves control sugar level, which makes it suitable for a diabetic patient to consume.