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Married couple
Married couple

6 Ways You Can Ruin Your Marriage 

Titilayo Ilori


It takes determination and tolerance for a marriage to be successful, and the thing the woman does or says about her marriage can either mar or make the marriage. Here are things that could ruin your marriage and you should learn to avoid them.

1. Speaking ill of your husband to family members

It is important to keep what is going on in your home a secret. There is no perfect marriage, and telling your family members or friends about your husband will only cause enmity. You are ridiculing him by speaking ill of him, and this may lead to his low self-esteem.

2. Getting jealous unnecessarily

There should be a limit to jealousy in marriage. You should know what your partner can do and can't do. The more you jealous get, the more troubles sprout in your marriage.

3. Getting Angry

It is normal to get angry over some issues, but how you resolve the issue is important. If you have a misunderstanding with your partner, it should be resolved as soon as possible. Issues that go unresolved end up causing serious problems later on.

4. Pointing out his weak points

Some women are good at picking their husband's bad sides, forgetting to mention his good sides. When you list the good things he has done, you will be surprised to see that the good things will be more than the bad.

5. Lying

The worst thing that can happen to a man in a relationship is to have a wife who is a liar. If you are one of those women who lie to your partner, it will surely catch up with you one day, and it can ruin your marriage.

6. Being too proud

If you are a woman who earns more than her husband, there is a tendency for you to become proud. Your husband's opinion will no longer matter to you, and you won't respect him because he can't provide for your needs. This is the fastest way to ruin your marriage.