3 Natural Ingredients For Vagina Tightening
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3 Natural Ingredients For Vagina Tightening

Titilayo Ilori


There are lots of creams you can use to tighten your vagina. Some of these creams contain chemical ingredients which can cause lots of irritation and infection to the vagina.

So, it is best to tighten your vagina using natural ingredients. They wouldn’t cause any side effects because they don’t contain chemicals and you are guaranteed a 100 percent result.

These natural ingredients include:

* Cloves - known as Konafuru in Yoruba.

* Galic.

* Ginger.

How to use:

1. Wash the three ingredients.

2. Peel the skin of the garlic and ginger.

3. Cut the garlic and ginger into tiny pieces.

4. Put the three ingredients in a bowl, add water and cover it.

5. Let it soak for three days.

6. After three days, take out it and use to wash your vagina.

7. You can repeat this process twice daily - morning and night.

These same ingredients can also be used to treat vagina infections. All you need to do is add turmeric to the above ingredients.

Soak the four ingredients ( garlic, ginger, turmeric, cloves)  for three days and take a spoon three times daily.

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