IK Ogbona and Tonto Dikeh
IK Ogbona and Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh Bashes IK Ogbonna For Trolling Her Son Online, Plans To X-ray His Butt

Tonto Dikeh finally exposes IK Ogbonna for being gay and threatens to prove it if he ever trolls her son again

Pearl Emmanuel

In the wake of facing backlash for repeatedly making accusations against her ex-husband, Tonto Dikeh is ready to do whatever is necessary to keep a positive image.

Based on the revelations about her ex-husband and the drama which quickly erupted on social media, IK Ogbonna is giving his two cents.

IK, who recently separated from his Columbian wife, Sonia, has been rumoured to be gay. The breakup, as revealed by popular online troll, Bold Pink, who called him out not too long ago, was a result of his sexuality.

Although IK never addressed the issue of his breakup, he filed to sue Bold Pink for such allegations but didn't see the case to fruition. Many mocked him for doing nothing after blowing hot and cold.

IK has made himself a family relationship counsellor and is indirectly advising Tonto Dikeh to think of her son while releasing the hard core evidence against her ex-husband.

Tonto Dikeh, of course, was expected to respond and she did. She said that since Bold Pink dragged IK on social media for being gay she wanted to speak out but held herself. She also wanted IK to steer clear of her issues or else she would sue him and also demand an X-ray of his butt as proof his gay philandering.

@ikogbonna Think about your son and how this fallout will affect him!!Cause i am a no hold back kinda sis my brother!!#E go bad #cause i don wan talk since you sue that girl but i just calm #My own is i will sue you back and demand for your butt x-ray #Dont play with me ikAnd IK don’t EVER mention my son again.

Some have said IK should have known better than to drag the queen of controversy at her own game, with many saying he should have kept mute and minded his business because he doesn't have the strength for Tonto Dikeh's crazy when she starts.

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