5 Rules To Consider Before Starting An Office Romance 

5 Rules To Consider Before Starting An Office Romance 

Before starting a romantic relationship with your colleague at work, read this! 

Titilayo Ilori

There are basic rules you should put into consideration when engaging in office romance, and they include the following:

1. Don't mix work with pleasure

No matter how free you both might be, it is advisable not to mix work pleasure. You might think people are not watching you, but they probably are. Always remember that no matter how secretive you might be, someone is watching your every move. So, be careful!

2.  Stay away from each other

As tempting as it might be to touch each other, don't do it. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't be seen eating with, talking to or winking at each other.

Don't visit your partner's office except for an official reason. By doing this, your employer will respect the fact that both of you are being professional and mature about the relationship.

3.  Let it be your little secret

It is good to keep the relationship a secret from your colleagues. An office romance that is kept a secret lasts longer than an affair that is known by the entire staff.

Besides the fact that it will keep people from being noisy, it will also save you the shame of having to explain to people why you broke up if something goes wrong with the relationship.

4. Make sure the company allows it

Before you decide to date your colleague, you should find out if the company allows it. If your company does not, you and your partner should have a discussion about your next step - where the relationship is heading, what will happen if you take the relationship to the next level, etc.

5. Don't have sex in the office

Having sex in the office is the worst thing to do. This act is wrong, even when you are sure nobody can catch you in the act. You should not turn the office into a hotel. If you do this, you are belittling your partner

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