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6 Types Of Men You Should Not Get Married To

Considering marriage? These are the types of men you shouldn’t think of walking down the aisle with.

Titilayo Ilori

If you are considering marriage or a long term relationship, it is important to take your time to study your man. Do not rush into marriage, as you might regret it later.

Take note of every little detail. Don't overlook anything he does, study his attitude and decide if you can marry him or not. Below are types of men every woman should not consider marrying.

1. A man that is too attached to his mother

If you marry a man that can't do without his mother, your mother-in-law will likely become your rival. Before your husband makes a decision, he would consult his mother, and if you say anything contrary to what she says, you will be in his mother's bad books.

So if he does this when both of you are still dating, you need to have a rethink about getting married to him.

2. A man who has children with different women

A man who has many children with numerous women might end up abandoning you for another woman. You need to think before you leap.

3. A man who hits you

Getting married to a man who hits you all in the name of love is not a good idea.  Remember, if he doesn't change before you both get married, he is never going to change.

4. A womanizer

If he is the type that will walk up to women to get their contact information and also flirt with them in your presence, nothing will stop him from bringing women to your matrimonial bed.

5. A jobless man

Getting married to a jobless and lazy man will frustrate you. Ask yourself how long you are willing to cope with caring for his responsibilities. Don't be blinded by love, use your head and not your heart.

6. A man who makes you look inferior

If he makes you look inferior, he praises other women around you and he keeps reminding you of how ugly and shapeless you are, getting married to him should be the last thing you want to do.

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