3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Rid Of That Fat 
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3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Rid Of That Fat 

Worried that you can’t seem to get rid of your body fat? These three things may be what you’re doing wrong.

Titilayo Ilori

You are probably wondering why you have been unable to get rid of that stubborn fat after so many exercises and workout sessions.

Truth is, there are things you are doing wrong, and that is why that fat has refused to go away. Check out some of the things you are doing wrong.

1. Not getting enough sleep

If you do not have a proper night’s rest, you will likely gain some weight. Lack of sleep increases the levels of stress hormones which cause the metabolism to slow down. This makes it difficult to lose weight. So, try as much as you can to always have a good rest in order to get rid of that fat.

2. Not eating enough protein

It is good to consume more protein, as it is known to play a vital role when it comes to losing body fat and helps to build up muscles.

It can help you control your cravings for a whole day. So, if you notice that your body fat has refused to vanish, it might be that your protein intake is low.

3. Eating too much food

Losing weight is all about determination. Once you are determined, you must be ready to let go of some junk food that you love.

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