6 Ways You Are Inviting Burglars Into Your House
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6 Ways You Are Inviting Burglars Into Your House

Titilayo Ilori

There are several ways we invite burglars into our house without knowing it. To avoid your house from getting burgled there are six things you must avoid, and they include:

1.  Leaving the windows open

There are times we go to bed and forget to close the windows. You might lock the doors, but don't forget that if the windows are open, a burglar can easily gain access to anything close to it.

2.  Leaving the lights on at night

Whenever you are going to bed, it is always good to turn off all lights and leave just one light or lamp on.

If you turn on all the lights, burglars can easily see through and detect where you are sleeping. Avoid leaving the house in total darkness, though.

3. Leaving bushes around your home

Living in a house surrounded by bushes is not advisable. This can be a hideout for burglars. Try as much as possible to cut the bushes around you, as this will make it easy for you to see your surroundings.

4.  Displaying your valuables in public

Do not display your valuables in public. If you have just changed your electronics and you want to get rid of the carton, cut them into pieces before trashing them.

5.  Don't keep your spare key where it can be seen

This is common in most homes. It is risky to keep your spare key where it can easily be found (under the foot mat, in the flower vase, etc.)

Don't keep it in the presence of people. You never can tell who they are. If you are scared of misplacing your key and you need to keep a spare somewhere, give someone you trust.

6.  Displaying your valuables on social media

Are you the type that likes displaying valuables on social media? Do you like to display pictures from different trips? By doing this, you are alerting burglars that you are not at home.

They will keep monitoring you. If you really want to post pictures on social media, you can post them weeks after you return and avoid displaying items you buy on social media.

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