4 Easy Ways To Prevent Back Pain
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4 Easy Ways To Prevent Back Pain

Titilayo Ilori

There are things we do that have negative effects on our backs and cause backache. In order to avoid back pain, you need to:

1. Sit upright

Sitting in a place for a long period of time is not good for the body. Try as much as possible to walk around, stretch your legs and exercise your back.

Sitting upright will save you from a stiff back and it will help you release the pressure on the back.

2. Always lift your head

It is best to avoid bending your head when you are working on your laptop or phone This is a common act among people because we get carried away with what we are doing.

If you are one of those that are fond of doing this, you will notice that each time you bend your neck, you feel sharp pains around the back of your neck. In order to avoid this, try to lift your head frequently. Don't bury your head in your phone or laptop for too long.

3. Avoid crossing your legs

Crossing your legs might seem comfortable for you, but have you thought of the risks involved? Crossing your legs for a long time is bad for your back.

It reduces blood flow to that part of the body and increases the risk of varicose veins and it also puts extra pressure on your muscles around the pelvis.

4. Avoid lifting heavy weight

Stay away from lifting load that is too heavy. If you know you can't lift it, let it go. Don't try to impress anyone. If you force yourself, this might lead to slipped disc.

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