6 Traits Of A Stingy Man Every Woman Should Know
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6 Traits Of A Stingy Man Every Woman Should Know

Are you dating a stingy man? Check for the tell-tale signs here!

Titilayo Ilori

Dating a stingy man can be frustrating. Such a person finds it difficult to part with money and helping people will be a problem for him. This habit is not easy to get rid of. If you want to know the traits of a stingy man, check them out below:

1.  He finds it difficult to buy you little things

A stingy boyfriend will never see a reason to buy things for you. No matter how little he earns, any man who loves and cares for you should at least buy you something.

2. He doesn't spend on you

A man who truly loves his girlfriend wouldn’t find it difficult to spend on her. He should be able to give her money to make her hair and not tell her to wear her braids for two months in order to save money. Or if he has never given his girlfriend money to get herself anything she wants, then he is stingy.

3. He sees contributing to social gatherings a waste of money

There would be cases where he would need to contribute to social gatherings. If he sees this as a waste of money, and you have to pay this money just to cover up for him, but he never sees a reason to repay you, just know he is stingy.

4. He has never given your younger siblings money

A stingy man will always find a reason not to give money to your younger siblings each time they visit or vice-versa.

5. He sees celebrating big days as a waste of money

Some days are to be celebrated with your partner, days like Valentine, birthdays, wedding anniversary and so on, but a stingy man will never see a reason to celebrate such days.

6. He never sees a reason for a change of wardrobe

There is a saying that a stingy person is ready to go hungry in order not to feed others. A stingy man will be satisfied with wearing one shirt and a pair of trousers for months, because he sees buying new clothes as a waste of money.

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