6 Things That Mean A Lot To Your Woman
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6 Things That Mean A Lot To Your Woman

Want to make your woman happy? Find six things you can do for her here!

Titilayo Ilori

You don't have to be wealthy to show a woman how much you love her. Little things you do for her can go a long way. Here are five things you can do that would mean a lot to a woman.

1. Don't hide your feelings

Let her know how you feel about her. Don't hide your feelings from her and always mean what you say. Don't say you love her and hide it.

2. Cook for her once in a while

Most women love men who can cook. Cooking for her does not mean you are a slave. It will only bring the two of you closer. If you don't know how to cook, learn from google.

3. Introduce her to your friends as your woman

Women feel special whenever their man introduces them to close friends. It makes them feel wanted.

4. Give her a treat

You don't have to wait till it is Valentine’s Day or her birthday before you give her a nice treat. Take her to her favourite restaurant or to the cinema to watch her favourite movie every once in a while.

5. Be neat

No woman wants to date a man that looks dirty and unkempt. Try to always look good, neat and tidy.

6. Avoid putting pressure on her

If you don't want her to be frustrated, don't put pressure on your woman. Give her breathing space and don't shock her. Every woman wants a man that will respect her and not a man that will put pressure on her.

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