4 Signs Your Partner Does Not Love You

Titilayo Ilori

It is everyone’s wish to be in love with someone who will love them back genuinely. This is, in fact, what makes a relationship strong.

Some people don't realize they are in a bad relationship until they are out if it, mostly because they were managing a loveless relationship.

It is best to ensure that your partner loves you genuinely, and if he does not, you can quickly decide on what to do before it is too late.

If you notice these traits in your partner, then you can be sure that he or she does not love you.

1. Your partner does not fight for you when necessary

There are times when you expect your partner to stand by you. If, for instance, you get into a brawl with someone who is saying some not so nice things about you, someone who truly loves you will support you and correct you when you are both alone. He or she must be ready to stand by you in times of trouble.

2.  Your partner gives flimsy excuses

A person who genuinely loves you will make out time to see you and be with you, but someone who does not love you will always give flimsy excuses not to be with you.

3.  Your partner is scared of making big decisions

A man who truly loves you and is sure of what he wants will not be scared of spending the rest of his life with you. He will be ready to take the relationship to the next level. If he is not saying anything about the future, think of your next step.

4. Your partner acts as if he is being forced

When you love someone, everything happens naturally. Things fall into place without you having to plan for it. But in a situation where you have to force him or her to do things that ought to be done willingly, know that your partner is not in love with you.

Things are supposed to happen like they were destined to be, but if you are not happy with your partner, and you are forcing yourself to be happy, it is time for you to quit.

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