Men! Learn 6 Ways To Take Care Of Your P*nis

Men! Want to learn how to take care of your privates? Read this! 

Titilayo Ilori

Some men complain about how women don't take care of their vagina, but the question is how often do men take care of their p*nis? It is not only the women that need to keep their private parts clean.

As a man, you must learn how to always keep your p*nis clean and healthy. The p*nis is valuable and must be taken care of.

Find easy ways to take care of this important part of your body below.

1. Wash

It is important to always wash this part of your body well with lukewarm water at least three times a day. Make sure you clean the scrotum, gently wash under the p*nis and the scrotal sack.

2.  Shave neatly

Leaving hair around the p*nis can cause boils and bad odour.  Hair around this area can also cause cuts around the vagina during sex.

3.  Treat it like a baby

Care for your p*nis as if you are caring for a child. Once you notice any sign of infection, including boils, discharge, itching, redness around the p*nis, please go to the hospital.

4.  Change you boxers regularly

Some men can wear one boxer for a week, others can go as far as wearing it for weeks. This is bad, as it can give your p*nis a bad smell.

5.  Eat healthy

Anything you eat affects your p*nis and semen. So, it is important to stay healthy. Eat fruits that contain natural sugar, for example, mango, apple, orange and honey. Avoid taking too much alcohol, coffee, garlic and food that is too spicy.

6. Don’t spray perfumes in that area

Try as much as possible not to spray perfumes around this area, especially after shaving, in order to avoid skin irritation

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